Tournament Other Metas Mashups Kickoff Trios - $60 Prize - Finals! Won by the subway surfers!

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Tranquility vs Shady Icy (shicy's team won, game wont be counted for tie breaker reasons)
WMAR vs Cao Jie (Cao Jie's team won, game wont be counted for tie breaker reasons)

Challenge codes:
/challenge gen9mixandmega @@@ STABmons Move Legality,*Acupressure, *Astral Barrage, *Belly Drum, *Dire Claw, *Extreme Speed, *Fillet Away, *Last Respects, *No Retreat, *Revival Blessing, *Shed Tail, *Shell Smash, *Shift Gear, *V-create, *Victory Dance, *Wicked Blow, *Dragapult, -Komala, -King's Rock, *Rusted Sword, +Zacian-Crowned, -Zacian, +Eternatus, +Kilowattrel, +Zapdos, +Urshifu-Rapid-Strike, +Gholdengo, +Koraidon, *Koraidon, *Enamorus, -Arceus, *Zoroark-Hisui
/challenge gen9pokebilities @@@ !Obtainable Abilities, Ability Clause = 1, Sleep Moves Clause, Terastal Clause, AAA Restricted Abilities, *Comatose, *Contrary, *Fur Coat, *Good as Gold, *Gorilla Tactics, *Huge Power, *Ice Scales, *Illusion, *Imposter, *Innards Out, *Magic Bounce, *Magnet Pull, *Neutralizing Gas, *Orichalcum Pulse, *Parental Bond, *Poison Heal, *Pure Power, *Simple, *Speed Boost, *Stakeout, *Unburden, *Water Bubble, *Wonder Guard, -Annihilape, -Baxcalibur, -Chien-Pao, -Dragapult, -Dragonite, - Enamorus, -Espathra, -Gengar, -Gholdengo, -Great Tusk, -Hariyama, -Hoopa-Unbound, -Iron Hands, -Iron Valiant, -Kingambit, -Magearna, -Noivern, -Slaking, -Sneasler, -Spectrier, -Ursaluna, -Urshifu, -Urshifu-Rapid-Strike, -Walking Wake, -Zoroark-Hisui, -Comatose, -Revival Blessing, -Regenerator + Wimp Out, -Regenerator > 1, -Drizzle + Swift Swim, -Primordial Sea + Swift Swim, -Drought + Chlorophyll, -Desolate Land + Chlorophyll, -Electric Surge + Surge Surfer, -Hadron Engine + Surge Surfer, -Hadron Engine + Quark Drive, -Electric Surge + Quark Drive, -Drought + Protosynthesis, +Regieleki, +Palafin
/challenge gen9nationaldex @@@ !Obtainable Moves, Camomons Mod, CFZ Clause, Sleep Moves Clause, Terastal Clause, -Belly Drum, -Bolt Beak, -Boomburst, -Ceaseless Edge, -Celebrate, -Chatter, -Conversion, -Dire Claw, -Double Iron Bash, -Eruption, -Extreme Speed, -Electrify, -Final Gambit, -Fillet Away, -Fishious Rend, -Forests Curse, -Geomancy, -Happy Hour, -Hold Hands, -Jet Punch, -Last Respects, -Lumina Crash, -No Retreat, -Population Bomb, -Purify, -Quiver Dance, -Rage Fist, -Revival Blessing, -Salt Cure, -Shed Tail, -Shell Smash, -Shift Gear, -Sketch, -Splash, -Surging Strikes, -Tail Glow, -Thousand Arrows, -Transform, -Trick-or-Treat, -Triple Arrows, -V-Create, -Victory Dance, -Water Spout, -Wicked Blow, -Eevium Z, -Aerodactyl-Mega, -Beedrill-Mega, -Comfey, -Dondozo, -Enamorus, -Kartana, -Komala, -Mawile-Mega, -Medicham-Mega, -Regieleki, -Sceptile-Mega, -Serperior, -Tapu Koko, -Ting Lu, -Xurkitree, -Zamazenta, -Smooth Rock, -Heat Rock, -Damp Rock, +Blazing Torque, +Combat Torque, +Light of Ruin, +Magical Torque, +Noxious Torque, +Wicked Torque, +Blastoise-Mega, +Darkrai, +Deoxys-Speed, +Dracovish, +Dragapult, +Houndstone, +Magearna, +Shaymin-Sky, +Urshifu, +Walking Wake, +Zygarde

:arceus: The Arceus Pool :arceus:

Pure Power Foul Play vs :P
STAB n Mega: zastra vs Yoru97
PokeAAA: Shady Icy vs SpaceSpeakers
Camove: BandedBodyPress vs Clas

FA1 vs Energetic Enerus

STAB n Mega: oaklies vs fabwooloo
PokeAAA: Rex15808 vs Tranquility
Camove: LOrd Fernado vs temp

:dragapult: The Dragapult Pool :dragapult:

Seashore vs I couldn't think of a name

STAB n Mega: Thatsapanda vs ToxaNex
PokeAAA: ICE 3M vs Ainzcrad
Camove: Levibull vs K3ppr

FA2 vs cotta and his boyfriend and his discord kitten
STAB n Mega: Uta The Clown vs kDCA
PokeAAA: Mr.Bossaru vs pannu
Camove: heyheeeyyy vs Osake

:zoroark-hisui: The Zoroark Pool: :zoroark-hisui:

The Choice Specs Tera Fire Chi-Yus vs Wictorious Wfrogs
STAB n Mega: WMAR vs db
PokeAAA: Eggs vs Don Vascus
Camove: The Hisui Region vs The Dragon Master

Anges de Piunicoulours vs Bye 1
STAB n Mega: Cao Jie vs bye
PokeAAA: Giga-Chandélure vs bye
Camove: Turtlek vs bye

:exeggutor-alola: The Exeggutor Pool: :exeggutor-alola:

Panthera Silicat vs subway surfers
STAB n Mega: Natcrozma vs Axzel
PokeAAA: BoingK vs Career Ended
Camove: Zane(Bifloofendoofen) vs augustakira

Unlucky Gamers Unite vs Bye 2

STAB n Mega: Haha gamer'd vs Bye
PokeAAA: Hiusi guy vs Bye
Camove: ElgyemSoul vs Bye

The Deadline of Round 3 is August 13th, 11:59 PM GMT -6.
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